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July 3, 2008

It’s Almost Friday Recap

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Since everyone’s off tomorrow for the July 4th holiday, you get your Friday Recap a day early. Lucky you!

[But seriously, how the heck did it become July already? Wasn’t it February last week? Moving on.]

Meet Tutu’s Hawaiian Ice Cream Shack. They make giant snow cones here in Simi Valley, CA and will even throw a scoop of ice cream at the bottom if you’re not morally opposed to mixing water and milk (which I am). They also have one of the most horrendous URLs ever with Did your eyes just slap you for making them work that hard? Yeah, mine too.

Joe Peacock shared some Internet Explorer ranting, which is something I think we can all support.

TheWebsiteIsDown is a hilarious portrayal of what your IT guy is actually doing while he’s on the phone trying to troubleshoot your computer issues. Spoiler: He’s not actually paying attention to you.

BuzzFeed presents How To Confuse An Idiot. Hi, my name is Lisa, and I am an idiot. Thanks.

New to me this week was allmyfaves, the site that makes actual Web searching completely moot.

Run, don’t walk, to magazine newsstands to catch Jessica Bowman in this month’s Marie Claire magazine talking about what it’s like to be a woman affected by the recession. According to Jessica, it’s pretty damn good. Glad to see you’re kicking butt, Jessica!

Hmm, maybe I should read that article. FastCompanyInc made a list of the six jobs that won’t exist in 2016 and number three on the list is blogging. Ut ohs.

At least we know that the search engine optimization industry will be around until at least 2048.

Barry Schwartz says to secure your brand on all the social media sites before somebody swipes it and then he lists 19 sites marketers should go after. Nineteen! Guess I know what I’ll be doing this weekend.

Blog Herald asks if blogging has killed your writing, and sadly, I think it has. You’d think writing every day would get those creative juices flowing, but all it really does is eat your soul, give you carpal tunnel, burning eyes, and mind mush. It’s tough being old.

Speaking of, RedStaplerChronicles has a full list of all the benefits, drawbacks and side effects that come with blogging and Word Divided lets us know that Iran will soon introduce a death penalty for blogging. Note to self: Don’t move to Iran; would be dead in a day.

Good Morning Silicon Valley came up with my new favorite word for phone – communitainment transceiver. I think that’s totally going to take off.

Those wacky Japanese folks have finally designed something I want – the lazy geek’s cushion. I think we need to get us some of those at Bruce Clay. [I want one for home too. –Susan]

For some fun non-search stuffs, the New York Times outlined the 11 best foods you’re not eating. Shockingly, the food you’re not eating is food that’s (mostly) gross. Beets? No, thank you. However, pass the cinnamon and canned pumpkin. Yum, score!

And this story of a dad looking for a monster exterminator for his 2-year-old daughter just about melted my whole entire heart.

Things I Learned From BoingBoing This Week:

Happy July 4th from everyone at Bruce Clay, Inc. We wish you a happy, fun and safe weekend!

[And don’t forget, we’ll be publishing our SMX Give It Up session review as soon as the embargo lifts at 1pm PST today. Stay tuned!]

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One response to “It’s Almost Friday Recap”

  1. Search Engine Optimization Journal writes:

    Great list as always…although the 6 jobs that won’t exist in 2016 was kind of lame we must say. They should have said 2061 — cars running on software and no need for mechanics… eh.

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