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January 26, 2007

(Not the) Friday Recap

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I’m a very mean boss and I’m making Lisa do other work today. However, since we know it would break hearts if there wasn’t a Friday Recap, I used the fun links she found over the week and pretended to be as funny as she is.

Complaints can be directed at her. Praise goes to me. Yes, I promise she’ll be back next week.

Google’s dinosaur

Google’s got a fake dinosaur on campus. I know this is technically old news but Inside Google, Valleywag and Cartoon Barry linked to it this week and I want to be like them. I also want to be like Google and have my very own T-Rex. That would be better even than a pony.

Best Interview Ever

Chris Hooley interviews himself. Declares it the best interview ever. I really don’t have any extra commentary on this, so I’ll give you a highlight from it instead.

Cool. Let’s move on then. What would you say your best SEO trick is?

Well Chris, since people cannot possibly deny my awesome, I simply think about sites I want links from. And if there are girls anywhere in a certain organization I look at them.

Look at them?


What does that do?

Makes em link to my sites. I can’t explain it, it just happens. I’m like the Fonzi of SEO.


You all thought Lisa was a huge football fan but the truth is she is weak. For instance, she’s not willing to exploit her (theoretical) unborn child in order to get Super Bowl tickets. Luckily someone out there is. Recognizing a good marketing opportunity when she sees it, one Chicago Bears fan is trying to sell the ad space on her nine-months pregnant belly for tickets to the upcoming game. The fact that her kid will forever be known as Boy (or Girl) is just a bonus.

Statistics of the [Random Time Period]:

65% of Americans spend more time with their computers than with their significant others. And some of us just skip the significant other part all together. Wow…that makes me more pathetic than the Slashdot crowd. Okay, moving on!

Sponges get icky and gross; this is just a fact of life. Luckily, some brilliant scientists figured out that if you microwave a damp sponge for two minutes it will kill 99% of the germs. Granted the 1% of germs that are left are radiation-resistant and likely to rise up against us puny humans and they’re really mad about our genocide of 99% of their brethren. But hey, if you’re too cheap to spend $.50 on a new sponge, well, thanks for ensuring our destruction. Jerk.

Comment of the Week*

I could have been targeting the lucrative tourism/hotels/travel market! Why didn’t I think of that (slaps forehead)?

Next time I’ll definitely be more aware about including words like travel, hotels, and tourism. Because travel, hotels, and resorts are important. ;)

–Matt Cutts, trying to build his vacation spam empire from our comments section.

*A new feature that will last as long as I remember and you lot remain entertaining**.

**Or until I get bored.

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3 responses to “(Not the) Friday Recap”

  1. Susan Esparza writes:

    Chris–I especially loved the masterful use of the word “cool” in order to generate impact.

    Bob–Like I said, I’m mean and made her do other work on Friday. Didn’t you like my recap? (Don’t answer if it’s no. I’m fragile)

  2. Bob Olsen writes:

    No Lisa? :(

  3. Chris Hooley writes:

    huzzah! The Fonz of SEO is one bad mutha!

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