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February 25, 2008

Pre-SMX Weekend Update

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Hey, friends. I hope you all had a deliciously pizza-filled weekend like I did. We’re about to hop on a plane to take us to SMX West, but here are some headlines to get your day going.

What Should NOINDEX Do?

That’s the question posed by Matt Cutts on his blog today and readers have gotten themselves all worked up trying to come up with an answer. In this post, Matt outlines all the ways Google could treat the NOINDEX Meta tag — completely dropping a NOINDEX page from their index, showing a reference to it, or creating some type of middle ground. Based on early voting, it looks like users have overwhelmingly decided that the NOINDEX tag should be used to tell Google not to index a page at all, which is not exactly surprising.

Interestingly, theGoogleCatche blog took issue with Matt’s statement that Google’s highest priority are its users, not Webmasters. I can agree with the sentiment, but I’m kind of with Google at this one. It’s not Google’s job to rank your site or to make it easier for you to get your site well listed. It’s their job to create a superior index that benefits they’re users. Google is a company, not your best friend. If you want it, you have to play by their rules. Not the other way around.

Is Bloglines Borked? Again?

Things have been running fine for me, but there have been plenty reports from February 12th and on that Bloglines is either incredibly slow to update or all out broken. What’s the deal?

Reading the Bloglines forums this morning was all sorts of sad. First, you have users commiserating and creating Google Reader or Newsgator accounts together and then there’s one message stating that according to an Ask rep Bloglines is being discontinued. Now, I don’t put much faith into that rumor (at all), but someone from Bloglines should really get in there, do some damage control and explain to users what’s going on before people really do start abandoning ship.

Despite my breakup with Bloglines last year, I’m still very much devoted to the feed reader, despite its tantrums and sour moments. I wonder how many users are going to keep accepting the punches though. It’s hard to recommend the reader to people when things are so inconsistent and outreach to users is almost nonexistent. C’mon, guys, get it straightened out. Outages are one thing, but not keeping users abreast of what’s going on and what you’re doing to fix it is another.

Going to SMX West?

Good, us too! You can find out which sessions Susan and I will be liveblogging by checking out our SMX session coverage schedule. And make sure to catch Bruce speaking on the SEO Q&A panel on Thursday afternoon. He’ll also be hosting an SMX theater presentation on Tuesday morning, as well. If you go, say hi to Bruce and then tell me how it was. See you at the bar on the conference floor!

Fun Finds

Lee Odden lets us know that SEMPO has announced its 2008 Board of Directors. Congrats to all, including our very own Bruce Clay.

Problogger asks Can Poor Writing Skills Overshadow Good Content? Yes, it can.

Just in time for SMX, Darren Rowse issues The Ultimate Guide to Networking With Bloggers. I am a fan of drink buying and free T-shirt giving.

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