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September 7, 2006

Round Up

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Local Advertising on the rise

Borrell Associate report that local online advertising will jump another 32 percent in 2007, bringing the total spend to $7.7 million. Not surprisingly, the report lists local real estate and automotive as the top category leaders. What the report doesn’t say is where advertisers will allocate their money. Is it going to sites like Google Local and Yahoo! Local, or are companies using local search engines instead? I suspect it’s the former, but it’d be interesting to know for sure.

My other question: With businesses allocating more money towards local search, where are they pulling it from? What’s not meeting their expectations? Newspapers? Money they originally allocated for video?

Local search is exciting because it’s specifically geared for smaller businesses. The Fortune 500s of the world generally can’t connect with local markets the way mom and pop shops can. There’s a personalization that the bigger names are always lacking; it’s important small business capitalize on the advantage. If you haven’t started to give local search the attention it deserves, it’s time to start. You also may want to think about SES Local, Denver taking place at the end of the month.

Why Can’t Microsoft Just Buy Yahoo?

An article in the Financial Times guesses what would happen if Microsoft ever decided to buy Yahoo. This is one of those “what if” scenarios we’ll never be able to escape. On the surface it sounds like a good idea. Yahoo! is the portal to Microsoft’s OS and together they’d own 42 percent of the market. Right?

Eh, I think the more probably result would be that they’d dilute everything that’s original about each and transform into a not-so-exciting-sell-out. Unless Google’s market share grows another 10-15 percent, I don’t think we’ll ever see these two giants merge. If only because culturally they’re entirely different and Terry Semel has way too much respect for his company to let it be swallowed whole by a competitor. At least for now.

Scratch Search N Sniff

Jonathan Nelson created Search N Sniff, a search marketer’s Digg, to help search marketers sort through the daily assortment of news that smacks them in the face each morning (or is that just me?). It’s a neat idea that probably will never get fully adopted. Kinda like this one before it.

(via Andy.)

Who Doesn’t Like Picking on Matt Cutts?

Well we don’t, of course, but unfortunately they do, and these guys do (Emmy!), as do they, and then there’s the Google Image Labeler game that turns him slightly obsessive. (It does the same thing to Susan…) [I got 1400 on my first try! — Susan]

Poor, Matt. I think it’s time you go change into your ninja outfit, grab some purple peanut M&Ms and lip synch to Rebecca’s version of Smooth Criminal. Tomorrow will better.

Fun Find

Friday is almost upon us so in order to gear up for the Recap, here’s my fun find of the day.

It comes from LifeClever and details how to dress like a Mac right down to the blue slip-on shoes. Who knew Justin’s outfit was so expensive. Fun stuff, guys.

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