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June 18, 2007

Search Marketing Blogs, Andy Hagans and Optimization Meatloaf

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I want to apologize for the lack of Friday Recap last week. I know that both Mrs. Esparza and Mrs. Barone were both highly offended by its absence. I hope the rest of you were not. With any luck, you didn’t even notice.

Truth is, Susan and I were simply stuck in a sea of Actual Optimization Work and neither of us could do it. We promise it won’t happen again. For proof of my complete physical collapse from work overload, visit Mike Grehan’s blog.

In other news, after posting that photo, Mike and I are no longer friends. ;)

Best Search Marketing Blogs

Larry Chase sifted through Lee Odden sifted through his big list of search engine marketing blogs and highlighted the 15 blogs he called "the best and the brightest". Earning mentions are John Battelle’s Searchblog, Matt Cutts’ blog, Search Engine Land, Search Engine Roundtable, the Bruce Clay blog, Pronet Advertising, and others.

This is the perfect complement to Lee’s big list and is a great resource for search marketers who want to stay up-to-date on the latest search engine optimization happenings but don’t have time to tackle 300+ search marketing blogs a day, because, you know, you have a job.

Interestingly, in his review of the Bruce Clay blog, Lee comments that he wanted to see tagging done at the category and post level. You may have noticed we actually started doing this late last week, so wish granted!

Thanks to Lee for including the Bruce Clay blog in his list of the top search engine optimization and marketing blogs.

Andy Hagans Pays Tribute to Aaron Wall

Andy Hagans rips out a few pages from Aaron Wall’s SEO Book to give readers 7 Lessons for Online Success to help them become as successful as Aaron. Andy better watch his back in the schoolyard because Aaron is so stealing his lunch money for this.

Andy does a great job pinpointing the actions that he thinks made Aaron the optimization playboy he is, such as effective branding and a never-say-die attitude.

Next I think someone needs to return the favor for Andy. I don’t have a set list of the people I’d like to be stuck on a deserted island with, but if I did, Andy Hagans would definitely be on it. I mean, he calls Danny Sullvan "D-Sull". How could anyone not love him?

Calling It Linkbait Doesn’t Make You Less of A Jerk

Yeah, I know, I said that before, but perhaps I should have mentioned it also doesn’t make you less of a slime ball either.

Over at the new SEO Bloke blog, Rob Kerry gives some tips on How NOT To Do Linkbait in response to a sleazy email he received. (We feel Rob’s pain; we received the same email.) The emailer, who shall remain nameless, blogged "a fling" he supposedly had during SMX and thanked Danny Sullivan for making him such a player.

I don’t know what the emailer was hoping to get from his display of bad taste (penned on a corporate blog, no less!), but it sure didn’t work. People, don’t risk your reputation or the reputation of your company with bathroom humor. And definitely don’t do it and then try to "thank" Danny Sullivan. Dumb.

Search Engine Optimization Meatloaf

Susan loves it when I use the blog to tell you all about my life instead of actually writing about anything search or optimization-related, so here it goes. I made a delicious meatloaf this weekend! Mmm.

Last week Shimon Sandler posted a recipe for Gourmet Meatloaf for Hungry SEOs, and well, it rocks. If you’re looking for a good meatloaf recipe, I’d recommend this one. I followed Shimon’s SEO meatloaf recipe and added hard-boiled eggs because that’s how my mom makes meatloaf, and garlic because, well, because I’m Italian and that’s what we do. The result was pretty tasty!

Fun Finds

Google’s June 2007 update is now affectionately being called The Buffy update in honor of Vanessa Fox’s recent departure from Google. Dude, she’s not dead; she just got another job. [Hush, you. I’m hoping that we’ll get a Firefly update next. –Susan]

Barry Schwartz has a hissy fit over people who staple checks to the paystub.

Everyone head over to Wolf Howl and be nice to Michael. He just found out Google is the most desirable place for undergraduates to work, not Disney. He’s going to be consoling himself in ice cream sundaes tonight.

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7 responses to “Search Marketing Blogs, Andy Hagans and Optimization Meatloaf”

  1. graywolf writes:

    Ice cream sundaes indeed…

    However that Disney article has given me an idea for an article this week

  2. Shimon Sandler writes:

    Hi Lisa,
    Thanks for trying the Meatloaf recipe. I have another recipe that I’m hesitant to post so soon after the Meatloaf. It’s for a dairy kugel that is better than a NY Cheese cake. But, I’ll have to post some more SEO stuff first. Otherwise, my blog might be mistaken for a recipe blog;-)

  3. pat writes:

    Can you believe that he didn’t mention my “blonde norwegian girls and seattle rocks” article in his list of SMX coverage?

  4. Tropical SEO writes:

    > I don’t have a set list of the people I’d like to be stuck on a deserted island with, but if I did, Andy Hagans would definitely be on it.
    Ermm, hmm, (stammer), uhh, (insert witty flirtatious remark here)

  5. Lisa writes:

    Pat, do you want to fight?

    Matt used anchor text appropriate to the Bruce Clay blogger who wrote the entry he was referring to. That is all. Leave me alone, you bully. :)

  6. pat writes:

    OOps, I forgot to make fun of something.
    Hmmm, on Matt Cutts “SMX Seattle wrap-up” he links to BruceClay…
    Hey Lisa, what’s that anchor text he used in that link?
    Was it “Lisa”?, “Lisa Barone”?
    Oh, no, it was something else…
    Happy new week, and I hope you both are well.

  7. pat writes:

    Thanks, I had missed some of that…
    As you know, my week doesn’t begin until the first BC article, and it doesn’t end until the round up. So I was pretty much in a weird limbo over the weekend cause of you… I noticed the lack of a roundup.
    I forgive you, Lisa because you rock. Hi Susan!

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