SEO Newsletter: The Survival Guide to SEO Edition

Coming to you straight from the trenches of Bruce Clay, Inc., it’s the survival guide edition of the SEO Newsletter. Our feature article exposes which ranking factors change most frequently so you can stay alert. Then get expert survival tips from our SEO manager on how to stay ahead of the game no matter what SEO bombs Google may throw your way.

SEO Checklist: 5 Factors You Can Expect to Change

With Google’s search algorithms changing on a daily basis, content strategist Kristi Kellogg advises Internet marketers to adopt a proactive rather than reactive approach to SEO by anticipating changes and being prepared for any potential threats to your website optimization. Kellogg addresses five fast-moving battlefronts that are worth reviewing on a quarterly basis:

Survive the SEO battlefield
Survival tips for the SEO battlefield. Photo by Nick Gourlie (CC BY-SA 2.0)
  • Local optimization: Local results are a hotbed of activity, especially with search shifting from desktop to mobile. As an example, Kellogg discusses the recent change in the way reviews appear in search results.
  • Search platforms: As new devices become available, count on search patterns to evolve as people explore new ways of embracing mobile technology.
  • Keyword targets: As search patterns evolve, so too will the words people use to find your website.
  • Schema markup: Confirmed as a ranking factor by at least one major search engine, schema is an area of fast development that offers websites a chance to stand out in the search results pages.
  • Link building: Backlinks may not be as important to ranking as they once were, and the question of building links needs to continue.

Survival SEO: How to Do the Search Marketing of Tomorrow, Today

To prepare your website for Google’s next big algorithmic change, Bruce Clay, Inc.’s SEO Manager Mindy Weinstein shares three key search marketing survival tips. Those tips include:

  • Understanding how user intent affects the SERP
  • Recognizing the impact of social signals on ranking
  • Creating content that truly speaks to your audience’s needs and desires

SEO News and Upcoming Training Events

The Hot Topic this month covers highlights from Facebook’s first f8 developer conference in three years, including anonymous logins, extended ad networks beyond Facebook, and more. In Education Matters, learn how to create an SEO culture throughout your organization. Whether you prefer on-site or off-site training for your organization, Bruce Clay, Inc. offers SEO training in the U.S. and even Europe. Coming up: European marketers can join Bruce Clay on July 2–3 for the next SEO Training event happening in Milan, Italy!

With a commitment to excellence, Bruce Clay, Inc. aims to serve its readers with meaningful, educational and informative content that propels businesses forward in a digital age. For monthly Internet marketing news and upcoming SEO training information that will put you ahead of the competition, sign up for the SEO Newsletter here.

Niki Payne is a writer specializing in lifestyle, op-ed, local community, dating and entertainment content. She likes singing karaoke, playing softball, and learning about online marketing and business development.

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6 Replies to “SEO Newsletter: The Survival Guide to SEO Edition”

It seems as if we are going to be experiencing Google updates on a regular basis, May and October 2012, 2013 and now with Panda 4.0 in May 2014 there does seem to be a pattern emerging. Then again, why would people not be preparing for the future of SEO, times are changing and we should be adapting to it.

Paula Allen

Hi Jon, the pattern of frequent updates and continual change has been the norm since SEO began around 1996. Google and the other search engines are constantly trying to improve their results. The landscape of search engines, in fact, is a great example of the rapid change that defines our industry. Just for fun, take a look at this histogram showing our Search Engine Relationship Chart as it’s changed through the years:

Paula Allen

Almondj: You bring up a good question. Backlinks do have considerable influence on SEO, whether for a site’s benefit (in the case of links from relevant, quality pages) or harm (in the case of low-quality or suspicious links). However, this has already begun to lessen, and recently Matt Cutts said that links will become less influential in the future. See this article on SEL for details:

It is really necessary in today’s era of search marketing to prepare and update for future not for today. If you think out of the box and if can understand that what audience want really then you will be on top. Always try to implement strategies with a planning and try to keep update according all previous guidelines. Always have an eye on previous updates and changes what they done, by this you can simply get to know that what they want to do in future.


“Backlinks may not be as important to ranking as they once were, and the question of building links needs to continue.” Why are people perpetuating this? Links may not have as strong of an influence as they once did, but they are still incredibly powerful.

Its good to know what the guys at Bruce Clay Inc are coming up with. The SEO newsletter – The Survival Guide to SEO Edition is welcoming.

It is timely even at this time of Google Panda 4.0 and Payday Loan 2.0 updates.

I agree that web owners should be proactive when it comes to SEO! Expecting the best updates and insights from this newsletter!

I have left this comment in – the content syndication and social marketing platform for Internet marketers, where this post was shared.

Sunday – contributor


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