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January 28, 2008

SEO Weekend Update 01/28/2008

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Hi, friends. How was your weekend? It finally stopped raining in California. I hear The People Against Weather are happy about that. Weirdos. One mini rant and then I promise we’ll get to the headlines.

Am I the only one who found today’s Google Lego logo kind of ridiculous? [Yes. -Susan] I get that they’re celebrating 50 years in existence and all, but seriously, that was one pathetic looking display. Instead, Google should have created a logo to commemorate that it is 5 months until my birthday. Huzzah for Lisa!

Okay, moving on.

Target’s Insult Makes The NYT

Remember how we commented earlier that Target’s policy of ignoring "not participating with non-traditional media" was not so smart and that it would just anger, alienate and push people to take things to the next level? Yes, well we’re pretty sure Target does too, especially now that their little misstep has made the New York Times. Awesome!

Oh, what a mess they’ve gotten themselves in. Instead of just acting like a responsible, socially savvy company, Target put their head in the sand and invited an article from the NYT about how they think the blogosphere is irrelevant. Way to not reach out and engage your audience. Let’s hope their core audience really doesn’t check the blogosphere or use search engines, because if so, Target FTW!

As a result of the outcry, Target has decided to review the policy and maybe readjust it. I think that would be a good idea. Let’s all realize that this is 2008 and that users are finding out about you through multiple avenues, and yes, some of that includes the blogosphere. Connect with them.

Also a good idea is would be to not create offensive ads where you display the crotch of your core audience in the center of a bulls-eye in the first place. I’m just sayin’.

Microsoft adCenter More Effective Than AdWords & YSM?

More reports that Microsoft adCenter continues to convert better than both Google AdWords and Yahoo! Search Marketing. Sweet, now if only they could pick up half of Google’s traffic. Then maybe this would be something users could get excited about. Still, the chart below is impressive (and pretty):

It’s really sad. It sounds like Microsoft has found the sweet spot with ad targeting and yet it’s Google who continues to dominate the market because of their existing stronghold. Microsoft may be the superior ad platform, but if they have no audience, who’s going to invest their money with them? Would you rather get 5 conversions for 7 visits with adCenter or 500 conversions from 1000 visits with AdWords? You’d have to look at the numbers. Some food for thought, though.

Maturation Time For Twitter?

Over at Web Strategist, Jeremiah Owyang says its time for Twitter to knock it off with the kid stuff and mature into the adolescent it needs to be to feed its demanding user base. The post comes in response to Shel Israel’s recent Open Letter to the Twitter Guys where he tells them to fix the platform before he abandons ship.

I’ve been very much enjoying Twitter over the past few months (though sometimes I need to Just Shut Up), but it’s getting to the point where the quirks are overshadowing the benefit for me. I don’t want to leave the community, I like my Twitter group, but I don’t like having to deal with their quirks either. Especially when the bugs of Twitter are potentially damaging to my personal brand.

Twitter is either going to sink or swim. Either they’ll improve their infrastructure to the point where they can handle mainstream exposure, or the influencers and early adopters are going to start abandoning ship. They’ll either become synonymous with microblogging or they’ll be the early platform that sparked the real deal. I hope they’re able to scale and get their bugs worked out. But if not, maybe it’s time to give Pownce a try. Maybe they’ll have less downtime, fewer system glitches, be less likely to delete my messages, have better APIs and won’t make me look antisocial and let me manage my 170+ Follower Requests. We’ll have to stay tuned to see what happens.

Fun Finds

Robert Scoble stops talking about how cool he is long enough to share his recent experience with shy Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg. A most excellent read.

Matt Cutts wants to know what Gmail feature you want the most. Apparently, Matt wants an "Oops" filter to allow you to delay sending out an email so you can fix a typo or remove the 8lbs of snark you accidently threw in. Seems to me they already have that feature, Matt. It’s called "save & send later".  [I’d like one called ‘give me a reply window when I ask for one. Yes, every time.’ Is anyone else having this problem? -Susan]

Sarah Bird, Esquire gives us an update in RipOff Report Responds: You Be The Judge. I have to say, I’m falling madly in love with Sarah. Part of it is probably because I always wanted to go to law school, but most of it is because her ability to dumb down fancy legal jargon in a way that I actually understand is pretty awesome. Don’t tell Rand or Jabecca, but she’s my favorite blogging Mozzer. [Word. -Susan]

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One response to “SEO Weekend Update 01/28/2008”

  1. Charlie Anzman writes:

    Lisa – I have to take back (me take back?) part of the barrage you and I had about being ‘open’ on Twitter and other platforms. I now find myself removing the ‘noise’ too. Then again, Twitter’s growth has been explosive! I enjoy it as well, but maybe, just maybe, instead of ‘growing up’ .. they can install a ‘go private’ switch so we’re not locked into being locked in or locked out ?? Just a thought.

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