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December 21, 2007

The Cat Post

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[Hi. If you’re looking for anything at all search engine optimization-related, you may want to skip this one. There’s no SEO here. Just cats. Bruce, you may also want to look away.]

Susan promised me, and I promised you, that today there would be a cat post. I’ll try and contain my excitement but I’ve been waiting two years for this. Huzzah! [Wait! I didn’t say they could have their own post! How did we get to one post when I said one picture? I blame Matt Cutts for this. –Susan] Quiet. We’re talking about my cats.

Here, I want you to meet my babies.

This is Swat.

She’s the older of my kitties and is what most would affectionately call "a lap cat". Like an infant, Swat cries at you until you pick her up and shower her with love and affection. Careful, though. When Swat gets overly excited, she’ll try to bite your face. Chins are her favorite.

This is my Jack Jack.

Jack is my sweet, sweet baby who escapes through windows, darts out doors, gets trapped in the fridge and breaks things in his spare time. Now that he’s learned how to open up cabinets, nothing in the apartment is safe. Don’t tell Swat, but Jack and I have secret morning cuddle sessions where his purrs reach jackhammer levels. I would never admit to having a "favorite", but if I did, it’d be him. Isn’t that right, Jack Jack?

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5 responses to “The Cat Post”

  1. Huge H writes:

    these cats are really cute…
    given a chance i would like to take them as pet…
    any offers???


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  2. Shama Hyder writes:

    I think my Shushi is a lot like your Jack Jack in personality, but looks more like Swat. = )
    Happy Holidays!

  3. DJLitten writes:

    Bisquick pancakes > Honey Bunches of Oats

  4. Matt Cutts writes:

    Yay! Cat post! I can’t believe how much Jack Jack looks like Ozzie. Maybe they’re twins and were separated at birth?
    I think you should make Jack Jack the mascot for, and maybe put a little picture of him up in the top-right corner.

  5. Handsome Rob writes:

    Swat sounds like my Shadow… looks like her a little bit too. But keeping Jack Jack in the cupboard? Lisa that’s just not nice.

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