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December 8, 2006

This is not a Friday Recap

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It is however a recap posted on Friday. Don’t let it boggle your mind.

Things that caught my eye today while I waited for Lisa to wake up and come to work. [I’m such a slacker, I know. –Lisa]

On a plane, wanting to write and nothing to say–Barry describes my writing process. Really, I think that every single thing I write starts out just that way. Perhaps not the plane bit but the rest of it is pretty accurate. Like Lisa said last week, when you’re stuck like that you just write anyway.

Kathy is describing the way my brain works: minute to minute and terrible at focusing because I’m dying to stay connected. [Let’s recap, Barry is describing your writing process and Kathy is describing how your brain works? Methinks someone is a little self consumed. –Lisa] I’m just feeling neglected after all the attention you got this week. As I type this, on my screens are Google Reader in the background, Outlook on the left screen (I have new mail. Must. Resist. Urge. To. Read.) and Google Desktop on the right side of the screen updating news and weather. Since Lisa and I sit in the middle of all the office traffic, the chaos on my screen is least of the distractions though. I can hear three analyst conversations from here over my headphones.

Kathy recommends that we get out of being connected and instead get in the flow. Does this mean I need to close Google News?

Lisa’s sports boyfriend is suing Yahoo!. Tom Brady is suing the search company for using his image. The Smoking Gun broke the story and SELand brought it to my attention. As other have noted, most search engine lawsuits have a hard time proving merit but this one might actually stick. What do you do if you’re Yahoo! in this situation?

Lisa’s SEO boyfriend is trying to peek into Matt’s bag of tricks. Rand’s got some intriguing guesses about what’s going on during those infamous site review sessions when Matt is sitting sphinx-like behind his laptop, ferreting out spammers and championing the white hat way of life.

Speaking of Matt, he’s hard at work debunking the most recent zombie rumor (you know, they’ve been killed but they keep coming back?): The conspiracy theorist in me wonders if Google strategically placed themselves in the second position in order to debunk just such a rumor? I mean, I thought of it so the really smart people at Google definitely have.

Fresh Egg’s got a new foreigner (they had to give back their last one.) She’s a writer so we look forward to hearing more from her in the future. Welcome to the blogosphere, Juliette!

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