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May 15, 2006

Weekend Highlights

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I’m a little bummed. I had all my Firefox windows tabbed and ready so I could update you all on some quirky things that happened this past weekend, but unfortunately, I accidentally closed them all. Yeeeah.

Dear Firefox: please create a multi-step warning system that will alert (and prevent) me from killing 20-25 perfectly tabbed windows. You’re awesome.
Anyway, here’s a quick(er) update to get those of you who have a life up to speed:

While you were running out of your office late Friday afternoon, the Department of Justice ruled that Google was being a big baby and approved MSN Search as IE7’s default engine. The judge ruled defaulting to MSN Search ‘respects users’ and “OEM’s [original equipment manufacturers] default choices and is easily changed”. So, stop crying, Marissa.

The Google Base blog announced users can now create AdWords ads for items they’re trying to unload via Google Base. Users can create ads directly from the control panel in Google Base and watch the service finds queries to attach their ad to. Selling advertising to individuals who just want to get rid of that ugly neon green chair that has been cluttering their apartment for 6 months sounds like an untapped audience to me. Smart. Let’s hear it for new ways to integrate Google Base into our lives.

On the BCI front, we’ve updated the Search Engine Relationship Chart to reflect all the crazy search engine mergers, shifts and rebrands. Ask has dropped Jeeves, Teoma has been merged into Ask and Overture has morphed into Yahoo! Search Marketing. Who knew keeping up with the engines was such hard work?

The winner of the V7ndotcom Elursrebmem contest was announced this morning. Congratulations to who was able to employ some crafty SEO techniques to rank above the more than 100,000 other crazies who took part in the four-month long contest. The brains behind have earned themselves $4,000 and an iPod for their troubles. That seems like a lot of work for an iPod. I hope it was a tricked out iPod.

Yahoo! is releasing Yahoo! Answers out of a beta and into its core search after the service celebrated its 10 millionth answer last Sunday. [Isn’t that rewarding (read: pushing) your own content or something?] The way I see it, this has both negative and positive consequences. Negative: I have to read people’s blatantly uninformed questions on an endless array of topics on my SERP. Positive: Yahoo! has decided to place these results at the bottom of their search results. Meaning, I’ll never scroll down far enough to actually see them. Oh wait, I don’t even use Yahoo. Carry on.

On a related note, did you know when you search for ‘google’ on Yahoo! a onebox appears that gives you one more chance to pick Yahoo as your search? Or maybe you did and I was the only one who had never seen it. In any case, it’s there. You know, just in case you didn’t really mean to type Google. It’s actually kind of sad. It’s like that old boyfriend from high school who just can’t let go. Sorry, Yahoo. We can still be friends, right?

Matt Cutts has a MiniMatt. I’m so jealous. I forgot to hand in my application! MiniMatt’s real name is Adam Lasnik (though I’ll never call him that) and he’ll help bridge the gap between Google and Webmasters, aide Matt in his blogging duties, and be on his best behavior at SES. Curiosity found me taking a peek at his Bladam blog, and after reading it, I’m still undecided. I’ll have to trust Matt’s instincts on this one. That being said, welcome aboard, MiniMatt!

And with MiniMatt on the team, Matt Cutts has announced he’ll be on vacation and away from his computer through the end of June. Jeremy is also out. Wait, when did we agree these guys got to have lives? Was that in one of my lost Firefox browser tabs? I’m so confused.

Okay, back to my SEO-induced crossword puzzle. Thanks SEO Scoop.

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