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November 6, 2006

Weekend Roundup

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It’s a quiet Monday here in the Bruce Clay office because all the cool kids are off in New York for ad:Tech. This includes Lisa and does not include me, which tells you which of the two of us is actually cooler. (No, I’m not bitter. Much.) If you’re at ad:tech, make sure you track her down and say hello.

(By the way, I owe her cookies so buy her one for me, won’t you?)

First up, Rand graciously responded to Lisa’s plea on Friday and explained for us the meaning of moz. (The short version? It means open. The long version is worth a read.) Thanks, Rand! Rebecca is safe for another day.

Also in good stuff from Rand is his unofficial Speaker’s Guide. It’s a nice look inside what to expect if you’re speaking and what to expect from your speaker.

Normally we hold our attaboys for the newsletter but this one struck me as something that should probably get a mention before then. Without Inside Google, I’d never have known that in October Microsoft raised 63 million dollars for charity. Kudos to Microsoft for running the campaign and matching the donations. And even more kudos to the 58% of Microsoft employees who gave so generously. There are a lot of jokes about Redmond being evil that it’s easy to overlook when they do good stuff like this.

If you haven’t heard that Google is going to be running a limited newspaper ad trial, thanks for making us your first stop. Said Tom Phillips, Google’s director of print advertising, “This is money that our advertisers would spend with us if we had the online inventory for them to spend it on.”

Understandably that kind of language makes newspapers nervous that they’re going to be the dumping ground for excess ads but let’s remember that this is Google and contextual advertising is Google’s favorite topic. If they can’t find relevant advertisers to fill the ad space, they’ll just stick a PSA in there instead. I hear they don’t get nearly the same click through rates though.

I can’t decide if this is fantastic or horrific. But now I want sushi.

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