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January 29, 2007

Weekend Update – Rants Ahoy

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Get ready because this is going to be a big one. I can feel it!

YouTube Puts Ads On Videos, Everyone Wins

Kudos to YouTube for masking the news that they’ll be putting ads on user-generated content under a barrage of "YouTube to Share the Wealth" headlines. Might crafty, I say. Not that we weren’t expecting a Google-owned property to not place ads on anything it can get its hands on, we just didn’t think they’d be applauded for it.

John Battelle guesses that users will be able to select what kinds of ads (3 seconds, 15 seconds, etc) they want to include in their video and where they’re placed (before, after, during the video), while Phil Lenssen thinks they’ll copy Metacafe’s system.

Regardless, it’s definitely something worth watching. Depending on how successful the ads are, we may finally see people put down their copyright infringement torches and appreciate YouTube as another advertising channel. Though as Battelle notes, we may also see YouTube requiring users to place some sort of advertising on their videos in order to upload. If that’s the case, there goes the free-forming YouTube community.

Graywolf offers David Pasternack sage advice

Michael Gray offers David Pasternack some excellent reputation management advice. Because let’s be honest, if you’re David Pasternack, you need it. Plus, Long Island people have to stick together.

Graywolf suggests that David do whatever he can to get that Dave Pasternack SEO Contest squashed and then host a rockin’ "SEO Is Rocket Science"-themed party at SES New York (complete with sexy rocket scientists) to redeem himself. As someone who is slated to be attending SES NY, all I can do is respond with an enthusiastic huzzah! If you ask me, following Michael’s advice could actually get David Pasternack liked by the search engine optimization community.

Oh and there’s also something in Michael’s plan about David dressing up as a giant frog, but I’m pretty sure that won’t happen. Maybe he could just hand out these instead?

Link Wars

Did you catch this weekend’s linking flame wars courtesy of Resident Ranter Robert Scoble? (This is why I read my feeds on the weekends, Karl). If you missed it, the short version is that Robert broke the story regarding Intel’s new 45nm processors on Friday night. A short while later Engadget posted its own version of the story and didn’t give Robert his rightful link back. Robert than issued an angry rant (as he’s known to do) outing major gadget sites that (according to Robert) don’t link back, blogged about the importance of A-listers linking, offended a few dozen readers, and then apologized when he finally calmed down. Yikes!

I found it interesting for a couple of reasons. First, Engadget was wrong not to link back to Robert. (They are now claiming it was an editorial decision.) No question. If you find content that’s important enough to reference, you should link back to the place you found it, even it’s a mere "via" link. We’ve said it before, but it’s worth another mention.

Second, it reignites the conversation about A-listers who suddenly feel they are too big and too powerful to link out. If you read our Don’t Be Famous; Be Useful post back in August, you may remember how infuriating I find it to watch quality blogs turn into celebrity guess-who-I-met-today blogs. I commented it was going to make me grow up into a jaded wrinkly blogger and I still fear that. Don’t make me go wrinkly, people.

Thirdly, I found this all very amusing because isn’t Robert Scoble the guy who doesn’t link to A-listers anyway? I’m so confused. I’d expand but Susan encourages me to save my angry, off-topic rantings for my cats. Fine. [I do. Because Scoble is boring and I’m way over him.–Susan] – Agreed. Scoble should be locked in a gadget-less room where he can sit and complain all he wants.

Things that need mentioning

Did Search Engine Watch, once the place to go for all that is vital in search engine optimization news, really just cover the launch of Stephen Colbert’s IntegrityJustice blog? Did anyone else read that and think they had accidentally hit their Best Week Ever feed instead? Hands?

I think Matt Cutts needs another vacation. He’s over at his blog deliriously talking about conquering Mt. Email and hoping to find a reasonable base to camp in a few days. Huh? Someone please get Matt to lay down. We’re here for you, Matt.

Reason 249,024,309 Why I Want Need To Be Rand Fishkin’s girlfriend: You get to hangout with Danny Sullivan at Google Kirkland. How awesome is that? However, unlike Mystery Guest, I wouldn’t be making googley (get it?) eyes at Danny; you’re all I need, Rand.

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5 responses to “Weekend Update – Rants Ahoy”

  1. Lisa writes:

    I never said there was anything wrong with Search Engine Watch covering the latest movements of Stephen Colbert, I was just surprised. Can’t a girl be surprised? :)

  2. Susan Esparza writes:

    It’s okay, Greg. Lisa just doesn’t understand the greatness that is Stephen. I, for one, was grateful for the update.

  3. Greg Jarboe writes:

    Yes, I confess to posting about the launch of Stephen Colbert’s IntegrityJustice blog? Mea culpa. I’ve checked into rehab and promise to limit my posts to the “truthiness” search going forward.

  4. Lisa writes:

    We worry about you, Matt. We just want to make sure you’re getting enough rest and are properly hydrating. It’s hard to be a Googler.

    Welcome to the club! We’re working on shirts! :)

  5. Matt Cutts writes:

    The metaphor was a bit… strained. I’ll give you that. :) I just wanted to let people know what was up and why it was taking me a while to reply.

    But thanks for your concern–count me into The Lisa fan club. :)

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