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March 5, 2007

Weekend Update: Search & Social Tour Guide

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Technology Addiction

Threadwatch’s PPCblogger had a great, great find regarding a BBC article regarding The Rise of Technology Addiction. The heart of the article is that people have become addicted to technology, causing them to experience “tech overload”, which blurs the lines between work and play, and can impair the decision making process. This was all very scary and ominous sounding until I read this quote by Nada Kakabadse, a professor at the Northampton Business School:

“It’s like losing your spatial judgement, so instead of walking through the door you walk into it. You’re more prone to have a car accident if you drive.”

Heh. See, I always thought I was just accident prone. But now I know better. I have an addiction, it’s not my fault! In fact, I’m so addicted I even blur the lines of the professor’s example. As proof, I have a scar over my right eye from the time I opened up a car door straight into my face. It’s not nice to laugh at people with addictions.

Obviously, I can’t even lie here. I am 100 percent addicted to technology. There is zero line between work and play for me, which I admit has its downsides. For instance, checking Technorati early on a Saturday morning and reading the flaming someone wrote about you the evening before? Yeah, that hurts enough to ruin to my day and send me back to bed clutching my laptop. It won’t make me stop checking though.

Don’t Miss the China Search Marketing Tour

Just a reminder, you have until March 21st to sign up for David Temple’s star-studded China Search Marketing Tour taking place May 19-28. From what David has told me and from what I’ve read on my own, this is going to be a top tier search event. David has partnered with Search Engine Strategies, and has aligned himself with top search folks like Ian McAnerin, Neil Patel, Cameron Olthuis, Jarrod Hunt, Rand Fishkin and others. There are 17 spots available in a tour of 35, so attendance guarantees you face time with the stars of search.

The neat thing about the tour is that it’s completely customizable. If you can’t afford to be away for the entire trip, you can opt to meet up with the group in Beijing, Shanghai, or Xiamen for SES China. Pretty cool deal. All the details can be found on the China Search Marketing site, so check it out.

[Hey, Bruce, can I go? I promise to be back in time for Search Marketing Expo! :) ]

A Guide to the Social Media Sites

If you’re like Susan and can’t keep track of which social site serves which purpose (last week I had to explain to her what Reddit was [I already forgot again.–Susan]), Li Evans has created a handy reference guide to the biggest social media sites. What’s cool about Li’s list is that she defines each type of social site (Social News, Photo Sharing, Video Sharing, etc) and then name drops a few of the biggest players in that arena. It’s a great way to keep track of all the different arenas out there and is probably the only time you’ll see the Cre8asite forums and Television Without Pity appear in the same sentence.

I Love Jesus But I Drink A Little

Graywolf tried to kill me on Saturday. I’m so serious. I clicked on a link found in his Things You May Have Missed post and nearly choked on my water halfway through. The coughing, teary eyes, sudden congestion — it wasn’t pretty. However, if you haven’t watched the Ellen clip he links to, it is so worth the near death experience. [Aw, I love Gladys!–Susan] – That’s because you’re 80-years-old on the inside.

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3 responses to “Weekend Update: Search & Social Tour Guide”

  1. David Temple writes:

    I’d like to add to that and name Bruce Clay the US country sponsor on the China Search Marketing Tour if he sends the lisa to China.

    That includes a graphic and text link on our site as well as a text link from a page on Search Engine Strategies. Anyone else want to send the lisa to China?

  2. randfish writes:

    Bruce – let Lisa go to China and we’ll throw a link to wherever you want with whatever anchor text you want. Sure, it’s a pricey way to spend $2,000, but you need to enter that market anyway, and what better way than to send your most famous blogger?

  3. Michael writes:

    As proof, I have a scar over my right eye from the time I opened up a car door straight into my face.

    I think I love you.

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