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April 7, 2008

Weekend Update: First Page Results

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Microsoft/Yahoo Having Problems

This week on Days of Our Microhoo, Microsoft wrote Yahoo a mean letter saying that they don’t appreciate Yahoo not immediately bowing down to them and in response MS will launch a proxy fight in the next three weeks until Yahoo comes to its senses. In response, Yahoo leaked a letter of their own via carrier pigeon saying: Um, hi, we’re open to talks of marriage but back off if you’re not willing to up your price. We’re a respectable lady and we expect to be treated as such! Thirty-one dollars an hour a share ain’t gonna cut it!

Or that’s my take. Michael Arrington called Microsoft and Yahoo two guys at a bar:

“You ever see two guys in a bar pushing each other saying “come on, man, let’s do this”? Then the other guy says “come on, I’m waiting.” Then the other guy says “right now…any time.” Then the other guy…zzzzzzz Someone, please throw a punch already.”

Hee. Basically, all of this weekend’s excitement didn’t bring us anything new to report. We just feel it’s important to mention that Yahoo and Microsoft are still considering going steady, if only they could agree on the terms of the first date. Love is so confusing.

Being On The First Page Is Important. Users Like Blended Results

A great study by iProspect tells us lots of stuff we already know. For example, we hear that users are more likely to click on a news/image/video listing if it appears in their blended search results (as opposed to searching specific verticals), that showing up for your site’s keywords helps users associate your brand with that term, and that 68 percent of users click on results found on the first SERP.

Yup. Everything you already knew but apparently needed numbers to prove.

If there’s one benefit to the Captain Obvious study is the renewed focused on getting your video, images and other types of content optimized for blended search. Sure, it’s good that you have video on your site or images that users can call upon, but you can’t expect them to do a Google Image or Google Video search to find them. It’s your responsibility to put the content where users are going to find it.

Use Caution When Blogging

Blog Herald issues a good reminder that blogging should be done at your own risk. In his post, Andrew G.R. tells the story of a public official whose job is on the line after he blogged that the bar responsible for canceling a band scheduled to perform at his birthday bash would be “[expletive] blackballed” for their actions. Folks are now calling for the public official to resign.

Personally, I think this gentleman is getting a bigger light shone on him because he’s a public official with zero right to a private life, but it does raise the “can you get fired for blogging” question.

As Heather Armstrong will tell you, yes, getting dooced happens. If you’re going to start any type of a blog, I would suggest running it by whoever you work for and blogging about things that won’t affect your livelihood. For example, if this is going to be one of those crazy blogs that anyone on the vast Internetz can read, don’t blog about what a jerk your boss is. He’ll find out. I know you think that he won’t and that you’re all types of super secretive, but he will. You have an absolutel right to free speech, but your employer has an equal right for firing you for “leaking company secrets” or “revealing confidential information” or whatever it is they want to call it to get you to shut up.

Of course, if they do fire you, then you can probably blog about them all you want. Huzzah!

Fun Finds

It probably says something horrible about me that I’m adding this to the Fun Finds, but the New York Times says that too much blogging will kill you dead. I can think of worse ways to go, I guess. [Hmm, worse fate: getting dooced or death by blogging?–Susan] I vote getting dooced is worse. At least if you die, you went out doing something you loved. And it makes for a better TechMeme headline.

Problogger asks what’s your biggest blogging mistake? Was it destroying your brand in a flame war?

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One response to “Weekend Update: First Page Results”

  1. NewSunSEO writes:

    Very funny, but very true with the Microsoft and Yahoo ordeal. It definitely something to keep watching though because you never know whats going to happen these days.

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