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November 27, 2006

Weekend Update 11/27/2006

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Google Gives Blog Search Its Own Onebox

I’m a fan of all things blogs, so this makes me happy. Andy Beal reports a find by Andy Boyd (I feel left out of the AB club, don’t you?) that shows Google returning a onebox for blog results for certain queries. It’s a nice feature, though I’d rather be able to search for specifically for blogs directly from Google’s homepage, like you can do for Images, News, etc. It’s better than nothing though and will hopefully inspire more blog optimization. Rolling out this onebox should also give Yahoo! incentive to put their blog results back on their SERP and encourage Google to strengthen its Blog Search, which frankly, is lacking in awesomeness.

John Battelle Hearts Dora the Explorer

John Battelle details his troubles during his attempt to buy a Dora the Explorer Mr. Face Plush Backpack using Google Checkout, including Google keeping and tracking all sorts of purchase information, obliterating the relationship between seller and buyer, and eventually kicking him out of his order altogether.

It’s a good read, if not for the insightful Checkout info, for the visual of John Battelle frustratingly trying to buy a Dora the Explorer backpack. We know, John, it was for "research purposes". We’ll keep your dirty little secret.

Don’t Hate Web 2.0

Kathy Sierra (seriously, can we just start the cult already?) finally gives us a reason not to hate the term "Web 2.0". The trick is not to think of it as an annoyingly over-used buzzword and to think of it as industry-specific jargon, or a word that lets users feel part of the search community. If you don’t know the difference, let Kathy explain. Contrary to what I’ve always believed, the term isn’t elitist and it actually does serve a purpose:

"…To say it means nothing (or WORSE–to say it’s just a marketing label) is to mistake jargon (good) for buzzwords (bad). Where buzzwords are used to impress or mislead, jargon is used to communicate more efficiently and interestingly with others who share a similar level of knowledge and skills in a specific area."

And with that, all of my contempt for Web 2.0 has been taken away. I wonder if Kathy can work the same magic for "the long tail"?

Now that I think about it, I wonder if I can take Kathy Sierra home with me for the holidays so she can explain to my family what I do for a living and define the term ‘search engine optimization’. Think she’ll let me kidnap her?

Where will you be in Chicago?

Over at Search Engine Roundtable, Barry Schwartz posts the quadruple coverage schedule to let you know where he, Chris Boggs, Kim Krause and Robert Kerry will be session-by-session during next week’s SES Chicago. You cheer for quadruple coverage, I cheer for a how-to-stalk-Kim-Krause-and-Barry-Schwartz guide! Huzzah!

And as promised, over the next few days I’ll figure out which sessions I’ll be hitting and posting my own schedule here so you’ll know where to find me and what goodies to look out for in the blog. I’ll be heading out there Sunday morning and returning Thursday evening, so that means four straight days of conference coverage for you and absolutely no sleep for me. I hope to see you there (if I’m still standing)! [If you see Lisa, she drinks Grande White Mochas and claims that she never has time to eat. Buy her a coffee and give her a sandwich or something, will you?–Susan] Please give me food. I like food. And messenger bags.

Fun Finds

WebMetricsGuru on the best time to daypart PPC ads.

There’s a very good chance Susan is going to scrap this link before you even see it, but in case she shows a small degree of compassion, here is the greatest Tom Brady video in the history of Tom Brady videos. All I’m going to say is that it’s to the tune of "Lady" and you won’t know whether to laugh or cry. [I’ll have mercy on your weird football obsession this time. But this is deeply disturbing and you scare me, I just want you to know that.–Susan]

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