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December 18, 2006

Weekend Update 12/18/2006

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Yahoo: No Directory Tag Coming

Tim Mayer revealed in a WebmasterWorld thread that Yahoo! may unveil its No Yahoo Directory Tag during a January update. We first heard they were planning on implementing it back in October, but this is the first we’ve heard of any kind of set date. Here’s hoping it sticks.

Google and NASA pair up

It looks like Google and the NASA Ames Research Center have signed a "Space Act Agreement" to work together on projects ranging from "studying scientific-data search technology" to using Google Earth flyovers from the moon and Mars. Cool. I mean who doesn’t want a better version of Google Moon and Google Mars?

We hear the first thing planned is to figure out how to make NASA more accessible online, with real-time weather forecasting and tracking of the International Space Station to come later.

It makes perfect sense for Google and NASA to work together on these things, but it still gives me the creeps. Every time I hear about Google working with the government or other high level groups, it just seems like an action-packed world domination movie in the works. Just because I’m slightly paranoid does not mean there aren’t weird people listening and watching everything I say and do.

Todd Malicoat is a nice guy

Though he seemed to enjoy tormenting me in Chicago, it turns out Todd Malicoat is actually a pretty decent guy. Todd is offering to help you, Time magazine’s person of the year, find a sweet search marketing job. Just send him your resume/CV and he’ll hold onto it until he finds something he thinks you’d be interested in. Even better, he won’t even tell your employer you’re out scammin’ for a new gig. Job recommendations from a guy who’s got the search goods? Talk about an offer you can’t refuse. [Speaking of SEM jobs, we have an employment page too. You know you want to come work with me Lisa. –Susan] Yeah, yeah, come work with us!

Want To Know What Happened In Search This Month?

Just a reminder to let you know we’ll be sending the SEO Newsletter out a little early this month as we’ll be closing down next week for the holidays.

Things to look forward to in the December edition: Tips on search engine friendly copywriting, a review of the year of search 2006, and all the search and industry news you can handle.

If you’re not yet subscribed, here’s your chance.

Fun Finds

Marketing Pilgrim announced its iPod winner — Congratulations to Kevin Henney. May you and your iPod shuffle have a wonderful life together.

Cartoon Barry is getting all sorts of adorable lately. First we learn about Barry’s love for MJ and all things basketball, and then we get to meet his nephews. I hope eldest nephew Avi doesn’t mind that Barry says he was "stuck" watching him when little brother Jeremy was born. Heh. Way to go, Uncle Barry! :)

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