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October 6, 2006

Friday Quick Hits

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A busy day around here at Bruce Clay, Inc., but here are the headlines you should know about before sailing into your weekend.

Porn Found on Google News?

Barry Schwartz reports that a Google News reader stumbled across a pornographic image while doing a news search. Barry provides a censored screenshot over at SER. That is definitely not okay. Hopefully we’ll hear more about this from Google next week.

Why Employers Hire Robots

You probably already know this, but the Creating Passionate Users blog is one of my favorite reads for usability tips (as well as Kim’s, of course). Today’s post covered the disparity between what employers SAY they want in potential employees and what they REALLY want. It’s an absolute Must-Read and, not to ruin the ending for you, Kathy Sierra gives users 16 tips on why robots actually make the best employees.

Here’s a taste:

  • They don’t challenge the status quo
  • They have no strongly-held opinions
  • They have no passion, so they have nothing to “fight” for
  • They make perfect scapegoats
  • They get on well with zombies

This blog is amazing.

Panama to Hit the UK No Sooner Than Q2 2007

Over at WMW (via SER), a Y!SM member says that his UK rep told him Yahoo!’s major ad system update wouldn’t be live until the second quarter of 2007, at the earliest.

My Mom’s On MySpace

Well, not my mom per se, my mom can’t work a mouse, but her age group. A comScore study found that more than half the users on MySpace are over the age of 34. Even grosser, 11 percent are over the age of 55.

I wonder if those are active users or just users who have accounts. There’s a big difference. I can’t imagine too many 50-year-olds being entertained by the vapid nature of MySpace. And if they are active, they’re probably just spying on their kids. I mean, that’s what I would do if I was a parent.

Related: Shimon Sandler has a breakdown of search engine usage by age group. Very interesting stuff.

Don’t be evil

Okay, I’ve had this window open for three days now so it must be something I felt important enough to mention: Courts May Start Blog Libel Crackdown. There’s really no explanation necessary, but if you feel you need a general rule I have one:

Don’t say something on a blog that you wouldn’t want printed in a newspaper or something you know you’d get hit for in person. There’s no reason to be obnoxious, malicious or to spout untruths. It doesn’t make the blogosphere a friendly place.

And to – stop stealing people’s content. We don’t view it as a favor.

Thanks. Have a good weekend, everyone.

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