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July 6, 2007

Friday Recap 07/06/2007

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Hey, guys.

First off, everyone wave to Bruce and Mike Grehan who land in South Africa tomorrow in order to prepare for next week’s South African SEO training. Dress warm, boys! And don’t worry; we’re all over here working very hard in your absence. We swear. Sort of.

Okay, I have a question for you: If you received a package in the mail with no return address and inside the mysterious package was a burned DVD with the words "Do You Have The Crazy?" scrawled across it, would you have played that DVD? No, you would have thrown it away and then blogged about how someone just sent you a bomb, right? Of course you would. Because you are a sane individual. So what the hell is wrong with Nathan Weinberg? Nathan! You could have been killed! Don’t open scary packages!

Speaking of how completely insane Nathan is, I think he ate an alien this week. That is what’s in that picture, right? It looks like an alien to me. Nathan does have the crazy.

Another week means another cute baby video here at Bruce Clay. This time it’s a diaper-wearing toddler rocking out to System of a Down. How can you top that? (via my BFF.)

Yahoo offered up the Top 10 Summer Date ideas. Reading the list I’m pretty sure they just republished something they wrote 30 years ago, as their list includes things like going to the rodeo, the country fair and the drive-in movie theater. Nowhere on that list is there a mention of Xbox. [Or Wii Sports!–Susan]

Philipp Lenssen came up with Top 10 Replies to "Are You a Journalist". Personally, I think the correct answer to this is always, "[incredulous sigh] Of course, not!" People like journalists as much as they like lawyers.

Baby "X" Rowse gave us five things we should know about his dad, Darren. Quite predictably, I "aw’d" and squealed through the entire thing. I am a sucker for babies, especially blogging babies.

This is the most awesomely inappropriate rendition of YMCA ever. I’m pretty sure looking at it ensures you won’t be walking through the pearly gates anytime soon.

Before I forget, if SEO Refugee suddenly falls out of the index, don’t start a Search Engine Roundtable thread about it, I know why.

Distilled had a little fun with the Mozzers this week after all of Rand’s link baiting bragging. I like the one of Rebecca Kelley the best because, unlike Rand, she really is evil.

Everyone please head over to Cartoon Barry and familiarize yourself with the differences between a vampire and a peacock. Let’s not have a repeat of the Burger King incident. Poor peacock.

Also animal-related, polar bears are shy. Please don’t try and take their picture, okay? It scares them.

I thought taking a shower with a giant, gross, disgusting spider this morning was bad, but this guy kayaking with a great white has it much, much worse. The spider can’t eat me. At least not by itself. Ew, gross Arachnophobia flashback.

Did you know there are 469 ways to search for a hot dog? Don’t lie; you totally didn’t. I heart Hitwise to Go.

Psychologists say that yawning may increase alertness. We’ve now confirmed what we already knew: Psychologists are liars.

Other stuff to know: Citibank doesn’t know how to deal with dead people, Danny Sullivan’s real name is "Danny" not Daniel, a five-year-old subdued a rabid fox to save a gaggle of children, and Zelda is officially the greatest video game ever (as if there was any doubt). [You’re going to make fun of me for this but specifically it’s Ocarina of Time that’s the best. And they’re wrong. It’s totally Final Fantasy VII. –Susan]

Things I Learned From Boing Boing This Week

  • I would pay so much money for this laptop typewriter mod it’s ridiculous.
  • I have some sort of fetish for humorous office supplies. Who wouldn’t want a Kung Fu tape dispenser?
  • I’ve been using fake crying to get my way a lot longer than I initially thought.
  • I would never eat Hobo Soup. I’d be afraid I’d find a finger or a toe in it or something.
  • Real men knit their iPhones.
  • Something people think it’s easier to electrocute a hotdog than to throw it on the grill. Or be altogether less disgusting and just eat a hamburger.
  • When the parents of overworked farm children ask if it would kill them to haul away the cow manure, those children can now say yes. Cow manure kills.
  • Some people do really mean things to teddy bears. I would never do that to Monty. Or the bear I got during November’s Ad:Tech New York and still haven’t named. (Any suggestions?)
  • Not everyone should be allowed to grow up to be an eBay bracelet model. Ew, dude.
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3 responses to “Friday Recap 07/06/2007”

  1. Will Critchlow writes:

    Thanks for the link. Glad you liked it. If you want to join in, you’d be very welcome. I’m sure you’d do a great photoshopping of Rebecca ;)

  2. Bob Weber writes:

    The summer dating list has some great ideas, the implementation is just wrong. For example, you should get drinks BEFORE the round of mini-golf, as well as after.

  3. Rebecca Kelley writes:

    I’m only evil to you, Lisa.

    And Susan, you’re such a filthy liar. No way is Final Fantasy better than anything Zelda-related.

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